Are you wanting to hunt antelope in Wyoming for the 2021 season? This may not be the year to try getting a permit. The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has proposed to reduce the number of available permits for the 2021 season. They are taking this proactive approach in hopes of increasing herd numbers.

Wyoming is one of many Western states experiencing extreme drought. Combined with a late winter storm, antelope herds are suffering. Consequently, less food and less water equal a lesser chance of survival.

“We believe that offering some conservative hunting seasons proposals this year will help each of those herds stabilize, and allow pronghorn populations to bounce back.” – Sara DiRienzo, Public Information Officer for Wyoming Game and Fish.

As a result, the WGFC will reduce the ‘Any Antelope’ permit by 3,650, and Doe/Fawn permits will be reduced by 5,775. The WGFD believes that these permit reductions will allow the antelope population a chance to rebound quicker. Similarly, in a recent story we covered, Utah’s DWR is reducing general-season mule deer permits by nearly 5,000.

“We think that these reductions will really help pronghorns stabilize, but what this means for hunters is less licenses will be available, so they might see a shakeup in their drawing odds. Some areas that maybe people have been drawing every single year will be more challenging to get a license in.” – Sara DiRienzo, Public Information Officer for Wyoming Game and Fish.

Meanwhile, if you are wanting to give feedback on this proposal, the WGFC will meet in Jackson, Wyoming April 19-22. It will be streamed online for those interested. Likewise, hunters looking for more information can visit the WGFD website by clicking here.

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