The Effort film was a small project that we wanted to do last year, to try and introduce ourselves to filming hunts. This hunt offered great filming opportunity, and what we thought would be a great chance at a sizable Mule Deer. Through 5 days of hunting, we were proven that not only was filming a hunt far harder than we had thought but that the unit we were hunting just didn’t have the bucks that we normally experienced in the past 10+ years of hunting it.

With multiple successes at finding deer, we still held out for “the big one”. Day 4 came and my hunting partner had to go back home, and I was left to not only hunt the last day of the hunt solo but continue to film the best I could by myself. That is where I decided to name the film Effort, as this hunt was nothing short of endless effort put forth to find success.  In the end, success was achieved on both levels, through a humbling last day of events that lead to me harvesting and finishing out the film on my own.

Hope you enjoy!

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