CPW 2023 Public Meetings – Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is calling on the public to take part in the Big Game Season Structure (BGSS) planning process for hunting regulation changes that will form the foundation for policy in the years to come. The BGSS planning process is a critical component of big game management and hunting regulation development, determining what, when, and where types of big game hunting opportunities are available and how opportunities are divided among hunters. CPW is holding a series of in-person open house and town hall meetings across the state, as well as virtual meetings, for big game hunters to voice their opinions about current BGSS topics under consideration.

The public is encouraged to attend these public meetings. Likewise, they should learn about the current BGSS and the potential changes CPW is considering, and provide input to help inform the BGSS planning process. The topics being discussed at the public meetings include alternatives regarding over-the-counter archery and rifle elk licenses. It will also include rifle season date structures for deer and elk & early season date structures.

CPW Public Meetings

After all public meetings have concluded, CPW will compile all the public input received into a public outreach summary report. This report will be presented to the Parks and Wildlife Commission during the August Commission meeting. Staff will then begin developing draft BGSS recommendations this fall.

To better participate in the town hall meetings, attendees are encouraged to bring a smartphone. These events will include live interactive digital polling via smartphones and devices to compile input from attendees on each of the BGSS topics.

For more information regarding the CPW 2023 Public Meetings, visit the BGSS EngageCPW page. You can visit this page by clicking here.  A full list of meeting dates, locations, and times can be found there. Don’t miss your chance to have your voice heard and help shape the future of big game hunting in Colorado.

You can read more about these meetings and the CPW press release by clicking here. Likewise, you can read more Colorado hunting news by clicking here.

So, what are your thoughts on these public meetings? Do you plan on attending and making your voice heard? Let us know in the comments!

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