The Wyoming Game & Fish Commission approved moving funding to mule deer herds in the state. Overall the Commission approved $452,400 for ten Mule Deer Initiative projects in the state. These projects will enhance the habitat for several mule deer herds. Likewise, they will support the mule deer herd’s migrations. Likewise, the Commission dollars will be matched $3 to $1 by other outside sources. This totals to an amount of $1.79 million that will be going to on-the-ground projects in the state. This funding and projects will enhance three million acres. The enhanced three million acres will benefit seven mule deer herds which make up 25% of the state’s mule deer population.

On top of the mule deer herds receiving funding, the Commission discussed large predator management. During this portion of the meeting, the Commission was presented with new research on cattle depredation and associated damage compensation. As a result of this data, the Commission began work to amend Chapter 28. Chapter 28 is known as Big or Trophy Game Animal or Game Bird or Gray Wolf Damage Claims. This amendment will add a damage compensation multiplier for yearling cattle at a 1.25:1 ratio in certain circumstances. Likewise, the WGFD will continue research on grizzly bear and gray wolf-livestock damage to ensure that the 1.25:1 ratio is appropriate. You can read more about Chapter 28 by clicking here.

There were several other topics, including bighorn sheep management, that the Commission covered during the Commission’s Chyenne meeting. You can read the full transcript of the meeting by clicking here.  Likewise, if you’d like to read more about Wyoming hunting news you can check out our news page by clicking here.

What are your thoughts on the Wyoming Commission moving funds to mule deer herds? Have you ever helped out on any habitat or migration projects? Let us know in the comments!

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