BIDEN CALLS FOR NATIONAL GUN BAN – Maybe it’s time they just say it, “We’re coming for your guns.”

Beto O’Rourke was the first to test the waters of mass Second Amendment infringement, it subsequently cost him his bid for President.

In equal fashion to an infamous video of a herd of antelope walking in to crocodile infested waters after the first antelope did so and was slaughtered.  Yet another Presidential Candidate with a (D) designation is walking the same doomed path of O’Rourke – Joe Biden.

Biden – notorious for his dramatically inaccurate and ignorant banter about firearms has again publicly called for a national ban, this time the target is the 9mm pistol.

“Why should we allow people to have military-style weapons including pistols with 9mm bullets and can hold 10 or more rounds?” said Biden. This one week after telling constituents in New Hampshire, “I believe in the Second Amendment, but nobody says you can have a round, a magazine with a hundred clips in it.”

I will pause for effect, and to allow you your improbable attempt of grasping ole

Uncle Joe’s words.

“. . . a magazine with 100 clips in it.”

Biden is a walking sound bite of inaccuracy – we shouldn’t technically be surprised that his lack of knowledge and firearms facts do not limit his ability to open mouth and insert proverbial foot. What’s the old saying? Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

Biden Calls for Gun Ban
Photo Credit: Joseph Chan

Joe Biden has thrown down an all-out assault on the Second Amendment – there is very little question in his goals and motives. The AR-15 was the first “assault style” weapon ban Biden discussed, calling for a national buyback program. The 9mm is just the next step.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there, although not clearly calling them by name, Biden has gone on record saying, “It violates no one’s Second Amendment right to say that you can’t own certain weapons.” This in reference to the capacity of individual firearms.

Apparently, the term “shall not be infringed” is a vernacular he doesn’t comprehend.  Of course, Biden has also been quoted saying, “The Second Amendment — no amendment is in fact absolute.”

The apparent strategy of the left is to make the Second Amendment about hunting, which of course, the Second Amendment was never written for. “If you need more than a handful of shots to kill a deer, maybe you’re not a good hunter.”

Joe Biden himself used a hunting reference, “We don’t have the courage to take on the NRA? We protect geese more than we protect, no joke you can only have three shotgun shells when you go shooting for geese, we protect geese more than we protect our own kids.”

Of course, we as hunters know the rule in states that allow a three-shot max do so in the spirit of fair chase. It has nothing to do with “protecting geese.” Yet another misguided quote and understanding.

I think it’s time we on the other side of the isle go on record – as anti-gun politicians and folks have so publicly done.

The left offers their opinions tongue in cheek without comprehension of the consequences of their proposed actions. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting or sport shooting, it was written to afford the right to the citizens of this country an opportunity to stand up to an oppressive and over stepping government.

Photo Credit: Quentin Kemmel

Most of us who own firearms are veterans of the armed forces who took oaths that we understand and live by more than most. Our oath, and obligation to it, are as absolute as the Constitution we protect.

Understand this – and understand this well – you will never, ever change our opinion on firearms. We have the RIGHT to own them – PERIOD.

If you disagree, that is your opinion and we respect it – we will never try and convince you otherwise. We won’t argue, the right to your opinion is entirely yours, and we respect that. Please extend the same courtesy.

Second, and most important, something that any and all folks calling for firearms need to fully understand – we will NEVER surrender or hand over our firearms in this lifetime. That will never happen – period.

We see a National Agenda, complete government control. It’s a certainty the softer we get – and the more citizens we have that buy in to this notion that the government knows what is best for us citizens, but that day will not come as long as myself – and old dogs like me live in this country.

We do not have to agree. We do not have to see eye-to-eye – if you choose not to own firearms, we fully respect your decision. That is what makes this country great – diversity and individualism.

But – just as you have a right to not own firearms – we have a right to own them.  That is a right me and those like me will never let go.  We’re that passionate – that committed – and that steadfast in our resolve. We won’t be dissuaded.


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