ATTACKING COUGAR FOUND-Last weekend on a morning run, a 68-year-old Oregon man, Peter Idema, of Corvallis, was approached and then chased by an aggressive young cougar. Idema was not injured in the attack. He acquired minor scrapes, cuts, and bruises as he fell while running from the cat.

Idema said the cougar approached with its ears pinned back showing aggressive behavior. Idema made lots of noise and made himself as big as possible trying to scare off the cat. When the cat got too close, Idema was actually able to kick the cat in the face, which sent the cat scurrying into the trees. However, it promptly returned and continued to follow Ideman down the trail. Idema was saved when he ran into 2 other hikers who had their dog with them. The dog sent the cat running away.

Oregon State Wildlife Officials began the search for the cat on Saturday using Dogs, call boxes with distressed animal sounds, traps, and snares. Dogs picked up the sent and on Wednesday, Sept 4th. They were then able to tree the cat on a neighboring piece of private property. The cat was shot, and the body of the cougar was taken to OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Check out the full story by the Associated Press.

What would you do if you were the focal point of a Cougars attention?

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