The Idaho Fish & Game Department (IDFGD) found a doe mule deer with a trash can lid around her neck. In mid-July, the IDFGD received several calls from the public about a deer with something around her neck. Officials responded to the area and found the deer in question. They observed that the deer somehow had a trash can lid caught around her neck. The trach can lid looked relatively loose so the officials decided to wait overnight and see if the deer got the lid off herself. However, the next morning the deer still had the lid stuck to her neck.

At that point, officials created a plan of attack and moved in. With the help of a few McCall residents, they were able to move in close and tranquilize the deer. Once the deer was sedated, officials began the process of removing the lid and inspecting the deer’s overall health. After a brief “nap” the deer came to and wandered off without her unwanted neckwear.

“We know that many Idaho residents who live in close proximity to wildlife value that opportunity, but it comes with some additional responsibilities to keep wildlife wild and out of trouble.” – IDFGD Regional Communications Manager Brian Pearson

The main worry was that this deer was going to get further tangled in “town things.” Officials removed Christmas lights, hammocks, metal plumbing fixtures, rodent traps, hammocks, and even plastic cups from deer in the town of McCall. With a large resident deer heard within city limits the IDFGD rightly assumes this will not be the last time they help remove items from the deer of McCall.

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