Imagine your 13-year-old kid being trapped inside of a dugout by an elk, or your brother being knocked over by a young angry bull. Could you fathom losing your entire lawn and garden to some grazing cows and calves? Gearhart, Oregon residents are dealing with these types of problems and much more. Tight hunting regulations and lack of predators has caused a surge in the local elk population. Officials have ideas to control them, like fences and hunting regulations. The fences are still being tested and no new regulations have been passed. Like always some residents love them, some wish they were gone.

It’s has become a real problem as some people have forgotten or don’t know how dangerous these animals can be. People are seen feeding them and taking selfies with the animals. It’s not uncommon for these animals to charge when they feel threatened or their young look to be in danger. These types of problems are causing some issues as to what exactly should be done with these animals.

While plans are being finalized for fences and other solutions people need to remember that these are wild animals. But at the same time, they are beautiful and extremely majestic. Take the time to watch them, from a safe distance, and you will see why these animals are loved by so many.

Anyone ever had a close encounter with a Roosevelt Elk in their hometown?

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