The Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce was convened by Gov. Mark Gordon, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, and Wyoming legislative leadership. Members of the Taskforce were all selected through an application process back in the early part of 2021. The purpose of the Wildlife Taskforce is to tackle top-priority policy issues as they pertain to wildlife. Likewise, the Taskforce will focus on sportsperson access and allocation of hunting opportunities.

The Wildlife Taskforce is made up of 18 members from across the state. The group is a collective of diverse individuals from Wyoming. As a result, Landowners, Legislative Representatives, Outfitters, Bussiness Owners, Game and Fish Officials, and Sportsmen all have a seat within the group.

The Wildlife Taskforce will have its first meeting on June 16th-17th. The meeting will take place at the Hilton Garden Inn, 1150 North Poplar Street, in Casper, Wyoming. Officials would also like to remind people that all meetings are open to the public. Likewise, the agenda for each meeting can be found on the Taskforce website. After each meeting, you’ll also be able to watch recorded videos of each meeting.

‚ÄúThis group of individuals appointed to the Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce reflects a collective of perspectives and expertise from citizens and leaders that will be valuable to our work on licensing and public access and other issues identified by the committee. Topics will require ingenuity, research, and deep discussions. We are grateful to have their commitment.” – Commission President Pete Dube

During each meeting, the Taskforce will identify topics to be discussed and studied over the next 18 months. At the end of that time frame, the group will then submit their recommendations to the Game and Fish Commission and Governor for decision-making processes.

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