WYOMING HUNTER FOUND DEAD BODY – A hunter found a dead body on Saturday, Nov. 2nd. The body was found on private property south of Cody and just off highway 120. Park County Sheriff Dept., BLM Personnel and Wyoming Highway Patrol collaborated to quickly take a suspect into custody.

This is easily an example of among the worst things for a hunter to find afield. Hunters find historical relics, like the Winchester Model 1873 in Great Basin, and dropped or lost gear . Or, hunters even make major anthropological discoveries like “The Long Ago Man,” the frozen remains of a hunter found in a melting glacier in British Columbia.

The victim is identified asĀ  40y/o Angela Elizondo from Cheyenne and the event is investigated as a homicide by Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (WDCI).

The Billings Gazette reported Matt Waldock’s comments, a commander with the WDCI, in a press release:

It’s believed that Elizondo was killed in Cheyenne and the body appeared to have been dumped in the remote area.

Park County records indicate authorities arrested 45y/o Joseph Underwood on five potential charges including mutilating or disposing of a dead body in a hidden location. Underwood was arrested near the location of where the body was found and is held on $1 million bond.

Do you know what to do if you encounter an emergency situation while hunting? Thinking through potential situations in advance and being prepared can be the difference between life and death. If you find a dead body or indications of criminal activity, follow these simple, common sense guidelines:

  • If a situation is in progress, your first priority is to maintain personal safety.
  • Don’t touch anything.
  • Notify authorities ASAP.
  • Pay special attention to location and know how to tell authorities.
  • Be willing to provide a statement of your discovery.

Have you found anything of questionable nature while out hunting? Have you had to report an emergency incident from the field?

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