Wyoming Governor, Mark Gordon, is giving away another Bison hunting license this year.  This is the second year in a row in which he has done this.  According to him, doing this will support wildlife conservation efforts throughout the state.  The hunting permit will be drawn by random lottery, only to Wyoming residents.

Gordon further stated that “bison are the symbol of Wyoming and a fitting hunt to raise money for conservation.  I am pleased to offer this opportunity to residents who care so deeply for wildlife.”

While there is only one hunting license that will be given out, it means a lot that this is even happening.  The hunter who receives this tag, will be able to step back into history and experience what most hunters today will never have the chance to.  Bison were almost driven to extinction due to market hunting in the 1800’s. This was a major instigator in President Roosevelt’s realization that conservation measures need to be put in place to protect everything that is wild.  As such, the lucky hunter will be able to witness in a very intimate manner, the return of Bison.

In order to apply for the tag, you must be a Wyoming resident of at least 12 years of age.  You also must have all hunter education requirements met.  To apply, go to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website, to purchase a raffle ticket for $10.  There is a limit of one ticket per person.  All proceeds the Wyoming Game and Fish Department receive from this drawing will go directly back to conservation.  This should be enough to motivate hunters in Wyoming to apply, as all share an interest in public land and wildlife protection and maintenance.

What are your thoughts on what the Governor is doing in this situation?

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