WYOMING BISON RAFFLE DEADLINE – Bison hunting is something many hunters pursue for a lifetime.  There is nothing like the thrill of harvesting such a large animal.  However, it can be very difficult to obtain a permit to hunt these huge animals.  Wyoming is working though to provide a way for residents to hunt bison within the state.

Resident Raffle

Governor Mark Gordon donates a Wyoming bison tag to one lucky person each year.  The tag is given out via a raffle, so it is completely random.  Each ticket can be purchased for $10. Hunters can only purchase one ticket per person.  This limitation creates the ultimate random draw for a once-in-a-lifetime hunting permit.

There are also a few other stipulations that accompany the raffle.  Obviously the hunter must be a resident of Wyoming.  The hunter must also be in good standing and must be eligible to hunt big game in the state.  Hunters must be 14 years of age prior to the hunting season starting.  And lastly, the tag is non-transferrable.

The deadline to enter the raffle is June 15th and the results will be announced on June 21st.  Hunters can purchase the raffle tickets at the Wyoming Fish and Wildlife website.  They can also go to the Wyoming Game and Fish website to review the bison hunt areas to begin familiarizing themselves with the areas they could be hunting.

Resident Only

The bison raffle hunt comes with a lot of controversy.  Many people, obviously non-residents, feel that this hunt should be open for everyone.  It would increase revenue from more raffle tickets being sold, and it would give more people an opportunity to enter.  Others think Gov. Gordon is right on with his decision to keep this a resident only raffle.  This permit rewards residents of the state and incentivizes hunters to live in Wyoming.

Do you agree with this being a resident only permit or should non-residents be able to buy raffle tickets?

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