The Wyoming big game application deadline is approaching. Hunters that are looking to hunt big game within the state need to apply by midnight on June 1st. Draw results for Wyoming will tentatively be posted by June 17th. Likewise, the WGFD will have a drawing for leftover deer, elk, and antelope permits. That second draw application period will take place June 21st – June 25th. The results for the leftover drawing will be posted around – July 8th.

Any hunter that wants to apply must create a new username and password this year.  The WGFD says that this new website will make customer’s data more secure and streamline applications. Likewise, the WGFD asks hunters to create their new username before the deadline so that the Department has plenty of time to answer your questions prior to the last day.

For hunters not interested in hunting in Wyoming this year you can still buy preference points starting on July 1st. This preference point period will run until Nov. 1st. Hunters can use this option to build points for Wyoming hunters without actually applying for any hunts that year.

Hunters should familiarize themselves with Wyoming hunting regulations prior to the hunts happening. The summer months are a great time to read through the regulations for the species and area you are hunting. Likewise, states seem to always add new regulations each year. Wyoming is no different. In a story that we at Ehuntr covered earlier this year, Wyoming has added several new hunting regulations for 2021. You can check out that article by clicking here.

So, do you plan on applying to hunt big game in Wyoming this year? Have you hunted in Wyoming before? Let us know in the comments!

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