Chatfield, MN – On May 19th, at a Cabela’s in Phoenix Arizona, Marvin Zieser, Corky Richardson, Roy Grace, and Ed Fanchin convened a P&Y Special Panel of Judges to measure a non-typical Coues deer taken by Wesley Ely of Wilcox, Arizona. The deer was shot in August 2017 in velvet and stripped prior to the official measurement. The final score of 139 2/8 ties the existing P&Y World Record Non-Typical Coues Deer.

“It all began on a summer scouting trip in 2013 when I noticed a young buck with massive antlers.” –  Wesley Ely

Over the next several years Wesley hunted the area. On and off throughout the years he saw the big buck but was unable to get a chance at him. In 2017, Ely decided that he was going to put all his time into finding the buck’s summer habits and habitat. A few weeks before the opening day of archery season, Wesley was beginning to pattern the giant. On opening day he found the large buck feeding. After watching the buck feed for several hours the buck finally bedded down. Ely made his play and crept to within bow range. He steadied himself, drew back, and let the arrow fly…

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