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On the night of July 7th, a farmer’s flock of sheep was killed by wolves in Hansen, WI. 13 sheep were killed by a pack of wolves. The only good news for the farmer is that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provides some type of compensation for lost animals after a wolf attack. Wolves are still an endangered species in Wisconsin, so hunting them is illegal and farmers protecting their flocks cannot kill or attempt to kill a wolf. Hopefully the farmer can recoup his wool lost before winter hits and the temperatures drop to -56 degrees again!

Wolf packs in Wisconsin are growing yearly. As of January 2019, there were 238 packs of wolves with 905 individual members per recent DNR figures. In 1960 wolves were declared extricated from Wisconsin entirely. The reintroduction of Wisconsin’s wolf population has been more natural compared to states like Wyoming where they were dropped in by the state. In Wisconsin, the wolves migrated in from Michigan and Minnesota and began to multiply. The last wolf hunt was in  2014, and since then wolves have been listed as endangered animals maintaining federal protection from hunters.

Whether you like wolves, are scared of them, or want to hunt them, the mystical animal seems to be sticking around for years to come. Farmers and hunters may share the same hatred for them, but the government seems to want them to stick around.


For a more fictional history of wolves and their reintroduction in America, you might enjoy the book, “American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West”. It was a very entertaining read and presents both opinions on wolves (love or hate) in a fair light. It does romanticize wolves, but it also breaks down the history behind their reintroduction in the Yellowstone area.

What is your opinion on wolves? Are they sheep killers, or beautiful snow dogs? Let us know below!

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