Wolf reintroduction? This topic again? Yeah, this topic again. We have our wolf rights activists friends in Colorado to thank for this one. The Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund is the responsible party for Initiative 107.

The Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund has gathered enough signatures to put a reintroduction measure on the ballot in Colorado. They needed 124,632 and they had at last count had over 168,000. 168,000 signatures in support of madness, no doubt in that 168k there are some informed people, the majority are signing on feelings and propaganda.

If passed the initiative would force Colorado Parks and Wildlife to come up with a plan to reintroduce the wolves. The reintroduction isn’t cheap either, $344k in FY 21-22 and another $467k in FY 22-23. I’m no math major but $811,000 of unexpected, forced spending is going to hurt a lot of other areas within the CPW. That’s right, CPW would be forced to do this and forced to spend the money based on votes and not science. Another factor of costs for this program would be a payout to ranchers for depredation from the wolves.

Wolves re-introduced in Colorado? There are few more polarizing topics in the outdoor industry than the controversial grey wolf. Good for the ecosystem – or a disaster set in motion?

Posted by ehuntr.com on Saturday, September 28, 2019

These wolves are going to eat cattle, sheep, elk, deer, whatever they can get their jaws on. How long until we read about a wolf attacking a small child in Colorado? What about when wolves encircle a neighborhood and are picking off dogs and cats as coyotes do. Who is okay with that?

Wolf reintroduction….It isn’t smart. Let nature do its thing with the wolves. If they show up in an area and can make it through very liberal hunting regulations then they can stay. No introducing them, no full-on protections. Just strict population management. Wolf hunting, along with Grizzly bear hunting is the most controversial topic in the hunting industry.

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