Poutine is one of those foods that definitely draws attention. Oh, the smooth gravy, crispy fries, and squeaky cheese curds. I owe the popularity of poutine to its simplicity, typically made without meat. It is a foodie texture icon, with the crispy fries soaking up all that gravy and those cheese curds getting ever so slightly warmed by the hot fries. This Canadian favorite is bar food perfection, add a touch of steak and this is a fun meal that could be eaten any night of the week.

I’ve spent a good portion of the 2019 fall season hunting and we’ve been very successful. With a couple of deer in the freezer, I’m sure our Canadian neighbors wouldn’t mind if I added a venison steak in there. Throughout the hunting season, I save all the bones from my hunts and make bone stock to use, so for the gravy, I will using venison stock as well to follow suit. Just use what you have, I wouldn’t bat an eye at beef steak and broth, or chicken and chicken broth.

  • 2 lbs of French Fries ( I used frozen fries from the grocery)
  • 1/2 Lb of cheese curds
  • 4 Cups of Stock ( Venison, beef, chicken)
  • 8 T Flour
  • 8T Oil (higher heat like veg, canola, avocado)
  • Steak cooked (venison, beef, or chicken)
  • Green onions

This is a super easy recipe and only took about 15-20 minutes to make. It is enough for a family of 4. Or scale it down and use it as an appetizer.

Step 1

Get your steak ready and cooked however you like, my choice was venison steaked cooked medium rare in a cast iron.


Step 2

In a saucepan, place oil and flour on medium heat and slowly cook to make a rue. When it turns a light tan color and starts to smell bready, add the stock and vigorously whisk to make the gravy.


Step 3

Get your fries ready however you like, I like deep frying em, but you can do oven fries if you’d like a healthier option. Though this is poutine and not exactly healthy, I digress. Cook em how you like.


Step 4

Pull fries from cooking and place in a bowl and toss with some cheese curds. I live in Colorado so I used what I could find. Do this while the fries are hot to get those curds warmed up and melty.


Step 5

Plate the fries set sliced steak pieces on top and smother that gravy on everything. I used some green onions to garnish.



I’ve never threatened to move to Canada over politics, but I may move there for more poutine. This is so good at home though that I think ill be fine here.

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