The bighorn sheep herd near Vail, Colorado, may lose its historic winter range. This loss looks to be coming from the proposed housing development. If approved, this  “high density” housing complex by Vail Resorts would consist of 61 residential units on a plot of land between I-70 and the Gore Range. This area is classified as a “critical winter grazing ground” by the CPW.

The Gore Range bighorn sheep herd is considered iconic to the area and several entities in the area have spoken out against the development. Both residents and the Vail Town Council have asked that the project be stopped. Likewise, an assessment from CPW has found that the project should not go forward.

“The impacts to this already struggling sheep herd as a result of this development might not be able to be mitigated. – CPW Assessment Report

However, the Resort states that this development is “vital to its long-term goals.” The Resort moving forward with this plan will further lead to a fragmented winter range and further loss to a bighorn herd that needs all the help it can get.

Our friends over at HOWL for Wildlife have a petition up and going currently. You can click here to read more about the petition and the project. It takes less than five minutes to add your name to the list and fight for this bighorn herd. While you are there be sure to sign up to follow other issues facing hunting and wildlife. Likewise, you can read more Colorado hunting news by clicking here. Thanks in advance for helping out!

What are your thoughts on this project? Do you think it needs to be stopped? let us know in the comments!


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