Last week the Utah Wildlife Board approved new hunting changes. Some of the new Utah upland game changes are will be listed below.

Utah Upland Game Changes

  1. Starting the ptarmigan hunting season on Sept. 1st. The previous hunting season had started on the fourth Saturday of August. This change was made to give ptarmigan broods time to break up. This change will also put the starting date in line with other upland game seasons.
  2. Extend the Sandhill Cranes hunting season in the East Box Elder Unit from nine days to sixty days. This extension was approved to help with crop loss caused by the cranes. It will also encourage the cranes to migrate sooner.
  3. The Division will now be starting a new youth quail hunt on the last Saturday in October. This hunt will be for youth hunters only and will run until the following Monday.
  4. The board also approved an extension for the youth pheasant hunt. This hunt will start on the last Saturday in October and run through to the following Thursday. Similar to the youth quail hunt, this hunt is for youth hunters only.
  5. The extension of the Utah Wild Turkey Management Plan was also approved. The original plan was approved for a six-year time period. However, no changes were needed at this time.
  6. A new Sage Grouse relocation rule was approved as well. The new rule allows for summertime relocations. Previously relocations had only been allowed during the spring. This new rule allows for Wildlife Biologists to obtain more accurate counts of Sage Grouse. This change will also allow the relocations of both adults and/or chicks to provide the best chance of success in supplementing populations.

The Wildlife Board also approved a few other action items during the session. You can read the full press release here.

What are your thoughts on the Utah upland game changes? Are you excited about any of these changes? Let us know in the comments.

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