The Utah Wildlife Board will be holding a meeting on March 10th. This meeting is to hear further public comment on the trail camera ban taking place in Utah. Earlier this year as covered by Ehuntr the Wildlife Board voted to ban trail cameras for the use of hunting from July 31st – Dec. 31st. You can read that original story by clicking here. The Board originally voted for the ban in a contested 4-3 vote. This ban was met with mixed emotions by many hunters in the state.

Because of the mixed opinion over the ban and a request by the public for a public hearing on trail cameras to be held, the Board has set up this March 10th meeting so they could gather more public opinion on the topic. This Public Comment meeting will be held at the Eccles Wildlife Education Center 1157 South Waterfowl Way in Farmington, Utah.

The purpose of this hearing is for the Wildlife Board to hear and consider additional public comments. Likewise, it will allow the DWR to respond to questions from the Wildlife Board and review the rule changes specific to the regulation.

A Two-Part Meeting

This meeting will have two parts. Firstly, the Wildlife Board will hear public comments and deliberate on the ban. Secondly, the Wildlife Board will vote on the trail camera ban again.

The two voting options will be to either vote for no changes to the current ban or to vote for the amending of the rules. This means if the Board votes for the first option the trail camera ban will be accepted as a new rule change and the ban will take full effect this year on July 31st. If the Board votes for option two, it will need to amend the rule filing and suggest what changes will need to be made to the trail camera rules or veto the ban altogether.

The public comment period will start promptly at 9:05 a.m. Individuals who want to make a public comment must submit a comment card that morning. The public will have between 9:05 and 9:30 a.m. to fill out and submit their cards.

You can read more about the agenda of this meeting by clicking here.

Do you plan on attending this meeting? How do you feel about this trail camera ban? Let us know in the comments!


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