The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is seeking information regarding a pronghorn buck that was illegally killed. The pronghorn was killed west of the Sulphurdale area in Beaver county. Officials believe that the buck was killed during the opening weekend of Utah’s big game archery hunts. However, this pronghorn buck was illegally shot with a rifle and then left to rot.

This pronghorn buck’s horns measure over 14 inches long. That means that Utah classifies the buck as a trophy class animal. Trophy animals that are illegally killed usually carry higher fines and increased penalties.

“It is a shame that a buck as spectacular as this one has been taken from law-abiding hunters who were excited to pursue it legally.” – DWR Conservation Officer Jeremy Butler

If anyone knows anything about someone illegally killing this pronghorn they can contact the DWR in the following ways:

Likewise, you can contact Officer Jeremy Butler by calling 435-310-0238. You can also call Sgt. Brandon White at 435-616-9453.

Poaching in Utah is not a new problem. We have covered several Utah poaching cases in the last few years. Last year we also spoke to Lt. Chad Bettridge about poaching cases in Utah You can listen to this podcast by clicking here. Likewise, I will link a few articles that cover the poaching cases and issues in Utah. You can find those by clicking here and here.

Poaching is a crime that hurts everyone. Not only does it hurt the wildlife and hunters it also hurts every nonhunter as well. Poachers steal the wildlife from law-abided people.

What are your thoughts on this illegally kill pronghorn? Have you ever caught a poacher? Let us know in the comments!

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