The Utah DWR is looking for information about a poaching incident. On Sept. 4th, DWR officers received a call about a dead buck near Meadowville. Once the officers arrived on the scene, they began investigating the area.

During the investigation, they found the buck in question. It looked like the buck had been shot with archery equipment. If that was the only finding the incident may have not been illegal, as the archery season was actively ongoing. However, the buck was shot on private land, which lead DWR officers to believe the individual responsible was trespassing at the time of killing the buck. Likewise, the buck was then left to waste and no attempt was made to harvest any part of the animal.

The DWR is asking anyone who has any information about the case to contact them. You can contact them in several ways. Below we will list a few of the options.

  • You can contact them online through the DWR website.
  • Likewise, you can call the UTiP Hotline at 800-662-3337.
  • You can also download the UTDWR Law Enforcement app.
  • Lastly, you can text information to 847411.

Poaching has become an issue in many states. In Utah however, it has been a hot-button topic. You can check out a few articles that we have written about it by clicking here and here. We also spoke to Lt. Chad Bettridge of the DWR about poaching cases in Utah. You can listen to this podcast by clicking here.

If you have any information on this case you can also contact Officer Dakota Pray by calling 385-245-0470. Poaching is a crime that steals wildlife from everyone and we should all actively work to catch poachers and prevent future poaching incidents.

What are your thoughts on this poaching case? Have you ever helped catch a poacher? Let us know in the comments!

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