USING DECOYS TO CATCH POACHERS – Game wardens in Idaho are using artificial simulated animals to catch poachers.  The term artificial simulated animals is just a fancy way of saying a decoy that moves.  These animals look like a real trophy animal, and they tempt hunters to shoot them in an illegal fashion.  The question is, should this be allowed?

Artificial Simulated Animals in Idaho

In a recent press release, Idaho shared that they have been using a trophy bull moose to catch poachers.  The moose is positioned in a place where it can easily be seen, and can also easily be shot.  Due to its trophy class, the game wardens hope that it will entice poachers to pull the trigger.

“Officers watch the animal and respond if someone violates the law,” said Fish and Game Chief of Enforcement Greg Wooten. “This tool is extremely important in our effort to curtail illegal activity that is otherwise undetectable.”

The game wardens justify this practice, stating that it’s similar to a police officer watching an intersection for cars running red lights.

“This is similar to other law enforcement agencies watching an intersection based on reports of frequent instances of failing to stop at a stop sign, or monitoring speed compliance using radar,” Wooten said.

Fair or Foul?

While this effort is an attempt to catch poachers in the act, there’s still the question of whether it’s a fair practice.   The fish and game department compares it to a police officer watching an intersection.  However, to make that comparison, the police officer would have to have a button that changes the lights at will and seeing what drivers will do.

No hunter should ever break the law.  They shouldn’t shoot an animal out of season.  They shouldn’t shoot an animal for which they don’t have a permit.  And they shouldn’t break any other laws pertaining to wildlife.  However, is it necessary to put hunters in these predicaments on purpose?

What are your thoughts on ASA’s?  Fair or foul?

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