Two dogs in the Chubbuck area of Idaho have killed and injured elk. The Idaho Fish and Game remind people of the importance of keeping their pets under control. The incident occurred when an Officer was called to the scene after reports of dogs harassing elk. Upon arrival, the officer discovered two dogs had killed one calf elk and were attacking a second, which later died from its injuries.

Jennifer Jackson, Southeast Regional Communication Manager for the Idaho Fish and Game, called the situation “extremely unfortunate.” The officer had no choice but to kill the dogs to stop the attack. The owner of the dogs was later identified and notified of the incident.

Dogs Attacking Vulnerable Elk

Winter is a particularly vulnerable time for big game, as young deer, elk, pronghorn, and other animals are trying to survive harsh weather conditions in Eastern Idaho. Deep snow and prolonged cold spells make it difficult for these animals to find food and shelter. It is illegal for dogs to harass wildlife, and Fish and Game officials urge people to keep their pets under control and not let them roam free where wintering big game or other wildlife may be present. Even friendly pets can attack wildlife if given the opportunity when their predatory instincts kick in.

There were many other elk in the area during the incident, including more calves. The loss of two young elk is a significant blow to the local population and the ecosystem as a whole. The Idaho Fish and Game works tirelessly to protect and preserve wildlife populations, and incidents like this serve as a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership.

In conclusion, the tragic incident involving two dogs attacking and killing elk in Chubbuck, Idaho, highlights the importance of keeping pets under control and respecting wildlife. The Idaho Fish and Game encourages all people to be mindful of the laws and regulations in place to protect wildlife populations and to be responsible pet owners to prevent future incidents like this from occurring.

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