TWO BULL ELK POACHED AND LEFT TO WASTE IN KENTUCKY- Officials with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife are on the search for whoever poached two bull elk last week in Knott County.  The two elk were found with their heads decapitated, the meat and everything else was otherwise left to waste.  The current reward for information that leads to an arrest is $6,000.

“These elk belong to everybody. They’re a valuable resource to the commonwealth and we’re going to vigorously pursue whoever is responsible for these selfish acts,” said Captain Suit.

Especially in cases of poaching, officials rely heavily on public input during the investigation stages.  Evidence can sometimes be scarce, and indeterminate.  With that said, however, officials remain vigilant; noting everything such as tire tracks near the carcasses or bullet fragments to help in the search for a suspect.

The elk population in Kentucky has been steadily on the rise, and residents take much pride in their ability to enjoy their presence.  It is well-known that hunting is necessary to maintain healthy wildlife populations.  However, individuals who blatantly disregard the law, and illegally poach an animal, pose a significant disgrace to the hunting and conservation ethic.

The motive behind this action is clear. It is clearly evident in other acts of poaching where only the head has been removed from the animal.  The dignity and respect for wildlife here, is something very opposite to how real hunters feel.  Whomever committed this action is a criminal, not a hunter.  The vast majority of hunters are law-abiding citizens. We care about the future of our public lands and the animals that roam them.

Accordingly, those with information regarding these criminal actions should call 1-800-252-5378 to report a tip.  All it takes is one person, who knows something, to help bring a criminal to justice.

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