The Division of Wildlife Resources recently reported a trophy mule deer was poached in Utah. The 6×7 mule deer was found killed and left to waste, entirely.

6 x 7 trophy mule deer poached in Utah. Photo credit: Utah DWR

They found the deer east of Holden, in the Maple Hollow area of Millard County. Utah state law defines the buck as a trophy animal. Minimum restitution value is $8,000.
The violators shot it with a high-powered rifle and left it to waste just off the road.

Investigating officers believe the buck was killed in mid-November, when there were no open hunts in the area.

Report poaching incidents or information in Utah via the online form. The form site explains:

If you’re witnessing what you suspect is an active or in-progress wildlife violation, please call 800-662-3337 rather than file your report here. The online report may not trigger an immediate law enforcement response.
Otherwise, please fill in as much of the information as possible. You may also email your report to
We can keep your report confidential if you request. Although we encourage you to supply us with your name and contact information, this information is optional.

Utah seems to be suffering a poaching pandemic. From August to mid-October 2019, 102 big games animals had been confirmed as poached in Utah. And that number is obviously climbing. Poachers are not hunters. They are thieves. Poachers are willing and overt criminals. If you have information, your help in stopping poachers is your responsibility as a steward of wildlife.

Here are a few general rules to help you in the field:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Report suspicious or out of season harvests.
  • Be discreet and non-confrontational in conversation with a suspected wildlife violator.
  • Do not confront a poacher. Call your local Division of Wildlife Resources office.

Have you ever encountered a poaching incident first-hand?

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