TRIAL HUNTING PROGRAM IN UTAH – Hunting is becoming more and more popular across the United States.  The number of hunters increases year over year, and it’s helping to create a good population of outdoorsmen.  However, becoming a hunter isn’t easy.  Not only do you have to have the equipment and knowledge of how to hunt, but you also have to complete many regulatory items.

Hunter Education

Due to COVID 19, Utah has suspended all in person hunter education programs.  They have in-turn developed virtual courses that allow future hunters the ability to be educated.  Historically, Utah has required a “field day”, where the future hunter would demonstrate their skills.  This has also been moved to a virtual process, with some field day experiences being offered in person.

“If you have a young child who’s taking the course, you can help them understand what they’re learning by sitting by their side and going through the course material with them,” RaLynne Takeda, hunter education program manager for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, said. “Your child can also take the course at his or her own speed. And they can go back and review the material as often as they like.”

The online courses will educate future hunters on firearm safety, hunter ethics, and how to hunt responsibly.  The courses are offered at many different times and rates.  Most courses will cost between $13 and $29.  The link to approved courses can be found here.

Trial Hunting Program

Utah is also offering an opportunity for individuals that would like to try hunting without completing a hunter education course. To participate in the course, you must be at least 12 years old.  You also have to hunt with someone that is 21 years or older and has completed hunter education. And finally, you’ll need to complete an online orientation course.

If a hunter completes the steps above, he or she will have the opportunity to purchase the following permits:

  • An annual combination license
  • General deer and elk permits
  • Permits to hunt bear, cougar, sage-grouse, sandhill crane, sharp-tailed grouse, swan and turkey

“Both of these are great ways to get started in hunting, a sport that not only allows you to get fresh, locally-sourced meat, but also gives you a unique opportunity to get outdoors,” Takeda said.

Do you feel it is appropriate to have individuals hunting that haven’t completed a hunter safety course?  Would you be interested in participating in this trial hunting program?

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