BEST CLOTHING BRANDS FOR HUNTING – As hunters, we love gear.  We spend a lot of money on different kinds of gear.  From camping gear to gun cases, and everything in between.  But one of the most important pieces of gear that we focus on is our clothing.  There are so many clothing brands out there that make great hunting apparel, but who makes the best gear?

Why Do Hunting Clothes Cost So Much

The first thing you’ll notice when purchasing hunting clothing is how much it costs.  It can be very expensive.  It will be common to be spending $300 to $500 dollars for a coat, which can cause a hunter to pause.

Everything is expensive these days, and hunting clothing is no different.  However, when you really get into the science behind most of these hunting brands and their apparel, it begins to make sense as to why it costs so much.  The materials used to make the waterproof pants or the down coat are top of the line, and they cost a lot of money to make the gear that they sell to us as consumers.

Who Makes The Best Hunting Clothes

Those in the hunting world will be familiar with names like KUIU, Sitka, Kings, SKRE, and much more.  It can be confusing as to which brand of clothes to purchase, especially when paying that much money.  You want to make sure your money is well spent.  Let’s take a look at each of the brands above.


KUIU was started by a former NFL football player that had a love for hunting.  He wanted gear that was as tough as he was but would also be comfortable.  Sadly, we lost Jason Hairston a fews years ago, but his legacy goes on in the KUIU brand.

KUIU prides itself in its ultralight gear, which includes everything from clothing to tents.  Their gear is top notch quality and durability, and it definitely lives up to the ultralight name.  It can be some of the most expensive gear out there, but with its direct ship to consumer motto, they offer sales and deals that are unmatched by any other brands.


The Sitka brand is tried and true and has been around for quite some time.  It was on the market prior to KUIU.  It is also top of the line gear that is durable and comfortable.  Although it may not be as lightweight as the KUIU gear, it rivals their gear with it’s great camo patterns and high quality.

Sitka gear can also run on the expensive end of the spectrum.  They don’t offer as many sales and deals as some of the other brands on this list, but their gear can be easily accessible.  You can find Sitka gear at most major stores including Scheel’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse.


Kings is a brand that has also been around for a very long time.  They have really had a big impact on the predator hunting community with their camo patterns.  However, they have camo patterns for all types of hunting in all types of terrain.

Their gear comes in at a lower price point that the two brands above.  In fact, one can purchase Kings gear usually at about half the cost.  Kings is also easily available and can be found in most major hunting stores.  You’ll also find their pattern on a lot of other gear such as bows, guns, backpacks, etc.


This brand is considered the new kid on the block.  Their gear is more of a rival to the Kings gear, and come it at a similar price point.  In fact, in viewing this gear, it is very similar to the Kings gear as it relates to quality and durability.  They also provide similar products to that of the Kings line.  Being that it is a newer brand that is just starting to get popular, we are beginning to see it more and more on the mountain.

So Which Brand is Best?

Honestly, this is a very difficult question, and may be answered differently by every hunter.  There are many factors that go into the answer.  How much money do you want to spend?  What conditions will you be hunting in?  Which camo pattern do you like best?

That last question may be the biggest deciding factor on which brand you should buy.  Most hunting clothing brands are going to be similar enough in quality and price, that you may just want to pick the pattern or fit that you like best.

If we had to choose one that we would recommend to all hunters, we would choose KUIU.  The quality and durability of their gear, along with the sales and discounts they give, provide a great product.

Which hunting clothing brand do you use?  Would you add more brands to this list?

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