It’s time to apply in Wyoming! Every year the best way to draw a coveted hunting tag in Wyoming is by having more preference points. Wyoming’s preference point system allocates 75% of the available tags in the preference point drawing and the other 25% are awarded in the random draw.

In 2019 WYGF stopped awarding preference points, for nonresidents, when applicants applied during the normal draw cycle except for moose and bighorn sheep. All other species have a preference point-only window that runs annually from July 1 – October 31.

WYGF website does an excellent job explaining how to apply, costs and how to look up your current preference points. Click here to review for further details and good luck in your future draws!

Game & Fish Asks Public for Help Monitoring Sage Grouse and West Nile

Mosquitos thrive during the hot summer months, and as these pests search for food, some carry the West Nile virus. This virus gets many people, birds and animals sick every year. Birds are especially vulnerable if infected, annually the virus can wipe out millions of birds.

Wyoming’s sage grouse population hasn’t had an outbreak in almost twenty years however local residents are encouraged to be diligent by looking out for dead sage grouse and report your findings to the WYGF. Once notified the biologists can test the deceased birds for the virus and take actions to prevent a more significant outbreak, if possible. Sage grouse seem to be especially vulnerable so keep an eye out while you are out in remote areas such as water holes and agricultural regions.

You can read more about this Sage Grouse issue by clicking here. Likewise, you can read more Wyoming hunting news by clicking here.

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