THREE NEW POPE AND YOUNG RECORDS IN ONE MONTH- Apparently, brought to our attention by Petersen’s Bowhunting, October of 2019 was the time to be hunting with a bow. Amazingly, over the course of just one month, three record book animals were taken. Interestingly, the animals came from all over the country.

Update (4/15/2020)

We had the opportunity to sit down with Guner Womack of Oklahoma regarding his new record.  Guner shares the experience of the hunt, as well as the Pope & Young steps following the kill.  Check out the podcast and don’t forget to subscribe!

New Jersey Black Bear

Bowhunter Jeff Melillo snuck off into the woods on October 14th hoping to arrow a nice boar. Soon after heading into the woods Melillo certainly found one. He knew right away he had taken a very large black bear. Jeff wasn’t very surprised when people began to tell him he had a potential record book bear. However, he considered himself blessed to have taken such a great animal. Above all, Melillo’s bear sits as the new P&Y world record with a score of 23 5/16 inches.

“It has been an inspiring journey, to say the least. New Jersey, my home state, has its first-ever world record animal! Many years ago, I read an article stating that the new world record black bear will most likely come from New Jersey. They were spot on, and I never doubted it for one second.”
– Jeff Melillo

three new pope and young records
Melillo’s New Jersey Record Black Bear

World Record Alaskan Mountain Goat

On October 3rd, Alsakan bowhunter Rosey Roseland was able to take a truly giant mountain goat in the Ketchikan 005 unit. Rosey made an amazing stalk and got to within 20 yards before taking the shot with his recurve. He knew the goat had large bases but that was about it until he got up to the incredible billy. The mountain goat received an official score of 53 2/8 inches and became the new P&Y world record.

“I was concentrating so hard on my stalk and my 20-yard shot, that I hardly looked at his horns. When we walked up on him, we knew he was big, but not world record big.”
-Rosey Roseland

three new pope and young records
Rodeland’s Record Book Mountain Goat

Oklahoma State Record Whitetail

Guner Womack a nineteen-year-old from Morrison, Okla. went out the day of October 22nd to try and harvest a buck. Luckily for Womack, a big old buck decided to show himself. His first-ever deer with a bow is a true giant. The incredible 8×8 buck net scores 188 5/8 inches, beating out the old record by 1/8 of an inch.

“The process was pretty cool and having everyone there who has supported me the last couple months was amazing. Everything happens for a reason and for me to get to experience something like this was a huge blessing and something I’ll never forget.”
– Guner Womack

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