Jayce Collum is an 8-year-old Hunter in Arkansas, he’s a tough little dude. He has been paralyzed since 2015 where he almost died in a crash. The kid hasn’t stopped hunting, using equipment built for him by his grandfather. He was recently released from the hospital and was itching for a hunt. One problem, some low lives broke in and stole all of his custom gear. Being paralyzed he has to have a special chair to hold him up to shoot and these clowns even unscrewed and stole that from the hunting stand.

Jayce just wants his stuff back so he can hunt, and his family will do everything possible to make sure he does. Stealing is a terrible thing, even worse when it’s from a young hunter. Jayce has spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital. But that hasn’t dampened his resolve to be a kid. He is passionate about hunting and living his life to the best he knows how.

If you have any tips please contact St. Francis Sheriff’s office.

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