Photo Credit: Cecille Fiscus

Definition: A woman who hunts

We want to take a minute to celebrate the awesome shEHUTNRs we have in our community. This week we are talking with Cecille who is a hunter and trapper from Kentucky.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Cecille Fiscus. I am 15, soon to be turning 16, and have always loved the outdoors. I am an active member of 4H and a member of multiple Sportsmen’s groups in Kentucky. In addition to hunting, I also make all of the wiring harnesses for GorillaMaker 3D Printers, and play guitar. I also enjoy many other outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, fishing, and bird-watching.


Tell us what hunting is like for you.

My favorite species to hunt is Whitetail Deer. I went hunting for the first time with my dad when I was 8. He harvested a doe, and I have been hooked ever since! I started going out every chance I had to go with him. I shot my first deer when I was 11 and is still the biggest spike I’ve ever seen!

I like hunting with a rifle, but I would always rather be hunting with my bow. It is a lot more of a challenge! Being involved in 4H Archery and YHEC has been very helpful in teaching me how to set up my bow and get everything lined up just right. I don’t know everything, but I am learning with the help of many others.

For the past two years, I have had a great hunting mentor who has taken me to many great hunting spots. He has taught me a lot about hunting. The largest buck I have ever shot was with him, and he helped me with taking my first turkey this spring.

Hunting has become a part of my life and I believe that all wildlife needs to be managed correctly. Not only am I a hunter, but I also enjoy trapping. In my area, there is an over-population of many animals because there aren’t as many people trapping. That means there are a lot of diseases that cause major issues. It’s very sad to see these animals suffering.


Why are hunting and trapping important to you?

As a hunter, I provide meat for my family and some elderly friends of ours. Other than just harvesting the deer, I also process it all myself. I make use with as much of it as I can, and I even turn the hide into buckskin. I have my own business called Rotten Friends Nature Crafts where I make items like hats and bags out of the animals I harvest.


Why should women get into hunting?

I think that women should hunt because it is a very enjoyable activity. It shouldn’t be any different for women to hunt than men. I really enjoy doing it, and I think if more women tried it they would enjoy it as well.

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