As a consumer of outdoor goods, I like to know who owns the companies where I spend my cash. I try to spread the dollars around to local shops and if possible to friends of mine. Inevitably we have to spend money at big box stores, or massive corporations either because of the savings, the availability, or post-purchase warranty. With a little research, you can find out who owns your favorite hunting brands. The results might surprise you.

One of these big companies has decided to sell off Savage Arms and Stevens Firearms. The company is Vista Outdoors. They own mainly biking companies such as Bell and Giro. You probably also own one of their other products – CamelBak – or shoot Federal Ammo.

Vista sold Savage Arms for $170 million because they could not provide the infrastructure for Savage to become a full-service brand. The sale also helped reduce the company’s debt.

Photo Credit: JJ Pugh

Another reason for the sale may be related to Vista losing REI as a customer. Last year REI released a statement stating they would withhold orders from Vista after they acquired Savage Arms. In case you missed it REI doesn’t sell guns and leans towards the gun control side of things.

So what was this move? Was it a move to reduce debt and does Vista truly care about the Savage Brand? Or do they want nationwide sales of their main products nationwide in box stores? Seems to me like they have pandered to the almighty dollar and refuse to stand on their own. If it is pandering I’m glad they have sold the gun companies and wish they would sell the ammo company too. There is no place in our community for companies that don’t support our rights to hunt, fish, shoot or enjoy the outdoors the way we want.

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