What do you think of when you read sand, the ocean, some rum, tons of sunlight and some beautiful views? A nice tropical island vacation right? Well maybe soon enough a trip to Jamaica will allow you to also hunt whitetail deer. You see, the island is being over run with the introduced, non native, alien species. Yeah, you read that right Jamaica considers the whitetail an alien species. Damion White a local biologist, has given a very conservative estimate of more than 6,000 deer on the island. A long time outdoor writer Thomas McIntyre has asked Jamaica’s National Environment and Protection Agency if they would allow American hunters in country to help with the over population. NEPA is in the process of information gathering and will conduct population surveys to asses damage and distribution.

Maybe EHUNTR management will pay the staff to hunt the island, for research of course. Anyone want in on the hunt with us?

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