RMEF DONATES TO NEW MEXICO – Hunting elk is something that many hunters look forward to each year.  Whether it’s Colorado, Utah or New Mexico, hunting elk is a fun and enjoyable experience.  There are many organizations that do all they can to help improve these elk herds.  Including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  Recently, they did even more to help the elk in New Mexico.

RMEF Donation

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has worked to provide New Mexico with a $542,481 grant.  This grant will be used to improve elk habitat and to provide scientific research in New Mexico.  The RMEF provided $71,481 of their own funding, and then worked hard to leverage the rest from other sources.

“New Mexico features beautiful landscapes and prime habitat but it can also be extremely dry and arid. Some of this funding goes directly toward water developments to help elk and other wildlife during seasons they need it the most,” said Blake Henning, RMEF chief conservation officer. “Additional funding is earmarked to benefit grasslands, meadows and research centered on predator-prey relationships.”


New Mexico is home to more than 4,100 RMEF members and 13 chapters.


“The only reason this funding is available to be put back on the ground is because of the dedication of our volunteers and members,” said Kyle Weaver, RMEF president and CEO. “We salute and recognize them for their fundraising efforts.”

Nonprofit Organizations

Organizations, such as the RMEF, work tirelessly to improve the lives of wildlife.  The RMEF has provided funding, equipment and man-power to help with wildlife projects across the country.  Without the help of organizations like them, hunters would not be able to enjoy the passion that they love.  These organizations provide new opportunities for hunters. They also improve current opportunities that are in place.

Are you a member or volunteer for a nonprofit organization such as RMEF?

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