Residents in New Mexico were shocked when a bull moose was spotted at a Santa Fe ski resort on December 18th. The rare ungulate was captured on video by onlookers as it raced toward a parking lot.

This is the first known sighting of a moose this far south into New Mexico. Previous sightings have been reported in Questa and near Mora. Officials think it may be the same moose that was spotted in the area in the past couple of months.

Moose In New Mexico

Moose are typically found in cooler climates. This makes Colorado a more suitable habitat for them. However, recent sightings in New Mexico suggest that the animals may be venturing south in search of new habitats and breeding opportunities.

While there have been around half a dozen confirmed sightings of moose in New Mexico over the last decade, officials have stated that there is no indication that the animals are becoming established in the state. Females have also been spotted, but it is unlikely that the population will become established in the future.

The bull moose spotted, is not causing a threat to public safety and appears to be healthy. However, officials remind residents that moose can be dangerous and should not be approached for any reason. Moose are protected game animals in New Mexico and hunting them is illegal.

You can check out the video by clicking here as well.

Ski Santa Fe mountain manager Jack Dant has stated that he has never seen or heard of a moose at the resort in his 21 years of working there. This rare sighting shows the unique wildlife that can be found in the state of New Mexico.

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