In the fall of 2020, I began using SneekTec Sneek Boots during my Utah deer hunt. Prior to that season, I either used a pair of wool socks rolled over my boots. One year I even tried to wear just socks while stalking. I soon found that I’m not as manly as Remi Warren. So, when I saw the SneekTec Sneek Boots I was intrigued, to say the least. The price tag is set at $69.99. In the following review, we will look and see if the product is worth the price tag and what to expect when purchasing the product.

Construction & Design

When I first received the boots I immediately inspected them to see if they’d hold up to Utah’s west desert country. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the boots sported strong stitching along all of the seems. Likewise, the drawstrings looked to be strong and easy to use while in the field. The “sole” of the boot appeared to be covered on top by a polyester fabric that I later learned is called Soft Shell by SneekTec. The bottom of the sole was covered in a thick Polar Fleece that helps with durability and sound suppression.

The boots were light and came with a carabiner so they can be attached to a backpack easily. The Sneek Boots are designed to slip over the top of your hiking boots but in the future, I may use them without my boots. I was initially impressed but the true test was yet to come.

In The Field Testing

Starting in the middle of August I spent 16 days hunting in the rocky, dry west desert of Utah. I found that SneekTec had made a wonderful product. One of the first days of hunting I used them to stalk a buck that was bedded on a rocky outcropping surrounded by cedar deadfall. Anyone who spends any time out west knows that shredded cedar deadfall is not quiet to walk on. I made it to 94 yards from the bedded buck before the dreaded wind switched and the buck headed for safety. On my walk back just for scientific purposes, I took off the boots and walked through the same area with my regular hiking boots. My walk back to the UTV was noticeably louder.

Planning the stalk on a bedded buck.

The number one usage I found for these boots was that they make a great glassing pad. Spending all morning sitting on a rock while glassing sucks. The pads of the boots placed over the top of a rock or the ground make a glassing position much more comfortable.

The only issue I had while field testing was my own fault. I originally ordered a pair sized at XL. XLs are supposed to fit men’s boots sizes from 10.5-12. I usually wear 12s or 13s and have extra wide feet. When I tried them on with my work boots they fit well and were fairly easy to get on. However, when I was in the field I found that I had a hard time getting them on over my left foot. But as stated above this is basically my fault. In the future, I plan on ordering a pair in XXL.

Moving into position on the stalk.

In Conclusion

Overall I feel like the SneekTec Sneek Boots are worth the price tag. They provided me a comfy glassing location as well as making me quieter than if I was stalking in regular hiking boots. Quality construction and design provide the customer with a product that performs as advertised. For readers interested in getting their own SneekTec Sneek Boots, check their website out by clicking here.

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