The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is going to propose changes to the 2022 archery elk season. The changes plan to better manage elk populations and control hunting pressure in the more popular hunting units.

Under the new proposal archery, elk hunting in western Oregon and some of eastern Oregon would stay as a general season opportunity type hunt. However, several units in eastern Oregon would be set to a controlled type hunt. These types of controlled hunts will allow for better elk management and wild create more evenly distributed elk harvest.

If the proposal is approved hunters would need to choose to either hunt Eastern Oregon general season, Western Oregon general season or to apply for one of these controlled hunts.

These controlled hunts were chosen for the proposal if they met two criteria. The first criteria were based on current elk populations, the second was set based on hunter density. Many of the proposed controlled hunts were chosen due to their bull-to-cow ratio not being met. Likewise, additional units are being considered for controlled hunts but currently are not apart of this proposal.

ODFW is currently seeking public comment on the proposal. For readers interested in commenting you can send an email to no later than April 15th. After the comment period, the proposal will head to the Wildlife Commission on June 18th to discuss the proposal. After the discussion phase, the proposal will be moved to the September Commission meeting where if approved it will be adopted.

For further information regarding the Oregon elk hunt proposal, readers can visit the Oregon Department of Fish & Game by clicking here. ODFW will update the proposal as it receives public input.

So, what are your thoughts on the possible changes to elk hunting in Oregon? Are you for or against these changes? Let us know in the comments!

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