Back in 2018, Justin Gordon was bowhunting in Colorado when his friend told him about a giant velvet buck he had spotted. The buck was very smart and spooky. Most of the time the buck was gone before it was light enough to see him. However, one morning the buck decided to give Justin a chance. On Sept. 2, 2018, the velvet monster bedded down in an area that would provide Justin with a good stalking opportunity.

“Several days after we initially spotted the buck, we were fortunate to have the deer present an opportunity for a stalk. After a couple of hours, I found myself inside 27 yards of the bedded buck. When he stood, he presented a steep quartering away shot. The arrow flew true, and the buck died after a very short run downhill.” – Justin Gordon

The velvet giant has 28 points on its right side and 19 points on the left. Recently, the Pope & Young decided to recognize record book animals in a velvet category. This means that Justin’s buck is the first velvet mule deer that was recognized in the velvet category. Justin’s incredible buck scores 326 1/8 inches!

Justin’s buck at the Pope & Young Convention

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