When Marvin Zieser first went bow hunting for pronghorn he wanted a large buck but he had no idea he’d eventually take a world record buck.

Back in 1995, Marvin Zieser was scouting for an upcoming pronghorn archery hunt in Yavapai County, Arizona. During the next several scouting trips, Zieser found two pronghorn that seemed to stand out above the rest. After the scouting trips, Marvin decided the best course of action was to set up a blind on a nearby water hole.

The first day of the hunt was uneventful overall. A few pronghorn came into the water but nothing that Marvin was looking to take. On the second day, Zieser settled down in his blind to see what the day would bring.

After a bit of time waiting in the blind, Zieser noticed a large pronghorn making its way toward the water hole. After looking over the pronghorn, Marvin recognized the buck as being his number 2 buck. However, as the buck approached Zieser, he began to realize he may have misjudged this buck. He decided if the buck gave him a chance he was going to take it.

When the buck finally came in to get a drink, Zieser was ready and waiting. He drew back and the rest was history.

The buck’s mass was much heavier than Marvin had guessed. After seeing the overall size of the buck, Marvin decided to get the buck scored. After the scoring process, the buck was officially announced as being the new Pope & Young world record pronghorn. This world record pronghorn scores an incredible 91 4/8″ inches. Not only is this pronghorn the Pope & Young world record it is also one of the largest pronghorn ever taken.


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