POACHING IN MONTANA RISES – If you’ve followed the news lately, there have been several articles on poaching in Montana.  Truth be told, it seems that poaching is on the rise throughout the entire western United States.

On December 4th, the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks issued a reward in regards to poachers using spotlights.  The unusually high number of spotlighting cases happened just north of Hardin, Montana.  Jake Barzen of the FWP commented that he has picked up at least 15 deteriorating deer bodies on the side of the road.  Through his investigation, he stated that most of the deer had been poached near the road using spot lights.  The reward associated with these cases is in the amount of $1,000.  If anyone has any information on these poaching cases, you are encouraged to reach out to the FWP.  You can contact Officer Barzen at 406-860-7796.  You can also call anonymously to 1-800-TIP-MONT (1-800-847-6668).

The Montana FWP is also looking for information regarding several big game animals that have been poached in southwest Montana.  The first is a spike bull elk that was shot on MSU’s Red Bluff Ranch.  Sadly, when the elk was found, it was too late to salvage any meat off of it.  The second incident was a white-tail buck that was shot on private land.  This was near the Three Forks area.  The last one is another white-tail buck that was shot on private property near the Four Corners area.  Both of the white-tail bucks were unsalvageable.  The FWP believe both were shot from the road at night.  If you have any information on any of these poaching, it is again advised to contact the FWP at the number above.

It’s sad to see the number of poaching that have happened in the recent months.  Us at EHUNTR have seen many of these stories come across our desks.  Whether there are more of these stories, or we’re just hearing about them more, it is sad.

Do you think that poaching has increased?  If so, why?

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