Mule deer poached in Boise Idaho

MULE DEER POACHED IN BOISE IDAHO – Poaching is a topic that has often been reported on this season.  There have been poachings on public land, in national parks, and now city parks.

In the city of Boise, Idaho is a park named Baggley Park.  The park is a normal city park with swings, slides and tennis courts.  However, as is the case in most Idaho cities, the park is visited by mule deer frequently.  Many citizens of Boise have seen mule deer in the park, and several have gotten the deer on camera.

Last week, the Idaho Fish and Game was called due to a pool of blood found near the tennis courts.  There was also a blood trail that led to the street near the park.  The IFG determined that the deer had been poached between 1:00am and 3:00am.  The deer was then taken to a vehicle where it was hauled away.

The Idaho Fish and Game believe this is the deer that was poached:

Poaching in Boise Idaho
Photo Credit: Idaho Fish & Game

The Citizens Against Poaching (CAP) are offering a reward for any information that helps apprehend the poachers.  If you have any information, please call CAP at 1-800-632-5999.  The Idaho Fish and Game are also asking that anyone that may have security footage of the park at this time, to please bring it forth.


Poaching is a horrible crime.  It gives hunters a bad name.  It robs hunters of opportunities at hunting wildlife.  And, in cases like this, it can put people in danger.  It feels like there are new reports weekly on poaching somewhere in the west.  What’s the solution?  Do we enforce a larger punishment on those caught and prosecuted?

What are your thoughts?  What are some interventions that the Idaho Fish and Game, and other states can do to stop poaching?  Is it preventable?

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