A Nebraska man being investigated for illegally hunting on a federal wildlife refuge had plans to blow up a game wardens car. Cody A. Cape of Omaha, Neb. was being investigated for multiple deer poaching incidents. Most of these incidents took place in Iowa and Nebraska on the DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge. The game warden had made contact with Cape in October 2020. During the contact, the game warden issued Cape a ticket for a fishing violation. In the following months, the game warden and other officials began their investigation into Cape’s illegal hunting. In November officials seized Cape’s cell phone as a part of their investigation. Sometime during December, Cape and an unnamed friend discovered the game wardens resident while picking up take-out food. 

Cape’s Plan to Blow up the Warden

After Cape discovered the warden’s home, he began voicing his plans to his friend. What soon came to light was shocking. One of his plans was to throw either dynamite or a grenade through the front window of the home. However, his preferred plan was to wire C4 to the warden’s truck, so that it would blow up once the truck was started. After discussing his plans with his friend Cape drew a pistol and forced his friend to drive him to the DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge. Once there, Cape entered the government staff housing unit looking for the warden. After finding that no one was at the housing unit he instructed his friend to take him back to Blair, Neb. 

On the way back to Blair, Neb. Cape began discussing more in-depth plans to blow up the warden’s truck. Cape also stated that he planned to use the warden and other officers to commit “suicide by cop” because he would “not to go to jail again”. Once back in Blair, Cape gathered his firearms and instructed his friend to take him home. After dropping off Cape, the friend called police officers and reported a planned attack on an officer. Officers meet with the friend of Cape and devised a plan to monitor his movements. On the evening of Christmas, a stationed police officer saw Cape leaving his house with an unknown female. The police officer gave chase and eventually pulled over Cape. 

Cape’s Arrest

During the traffic stop, Cape was arrested for false imprisonment and the use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony. After the traffic stop, officers interviewed the unknown female and Cape’s friend. The female state that Cape had told her that he wanted to kill the game warden who has been investigating him. He also said that he knew where the game warden lived and that he was going to blow up his truck. He also stated that if that didn’t work he planned on shooting the game warden. Cape’s unnamed friend confirmed what the female had stated. He reported that Cape planned on making or buying explosives to “blow him up”. Cape’s friend felt that Cape was serious with his intent to kill the warden.

Pretty scary stuff over a poaching case! What are your thoughts on Cape wanting to blow up a game warden? Have you ever helped catch a poacher? Let us know in the comments!


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