PARAPLEGIC HUNTER EXPERIENCES HUNT OF A LIFETIME – Annie Crone, a paraplegic woman from Kalispell, Montana, went on a hunt of a lifetime.  She harvested a giant bull elk on October 26; the opening day of rifle season.  Being paralyzed from the waist down since being in a car accident in 2010, she never gave up hope on her commitment to hunting.  With the help of her husband, she came away from the hunt with an experience and a memory she will never forget.

After drawing a hunting tag for a unit north of Roy, Montana, Annie and her husband Jason quickly began formulating their strategy.  Initially, Jason thought he would use his bike, and use a pull-behind cart to transport Annie.  But after waking up the first morning to several inches of snow, that plan did not work out.

After regrouping from the morning hunt, Jason came up with another plan.  He went to a nearby town, where he found a meat hauling sled.  Using some additional ingenuity, he created what would be a reliable way to help Annie in traversing the rough terrain of Central Montana.

That afternoon, they had taken the ATV up to a glassing point.  They soon spotted a group of elk approximately one and a half miles away.  The rest of the trip would be on foot, through brush and snow.  Jason assisted Annie into the sled.  Using it to pull her down from the glassing point and closer to the elk.  Eventually, with the help of strong winds to block their noise, they made their way within less than two-hundred yards of two large bull elk.

With two large bulls within range, Jason suggested to Annie to shoot the closest one.  According to the Daily Inter Lake, the bull did not flinch after Annie’s first shot, Jason said, but her second shot brought the elk to the ground at approximately 4 p.m. He measured the distance to be 145 yards.

Annie’s triumph over her disability proves that anyone is capable of experiencing a dream hunt just like anyone else.  What is also shown here is a level of teamwork that is left unmatched by many who do not have any impairment in their mobility.

What does teamwork mean to you? Do you have words of advice to help those that are considering giving up?

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