DENYING HUNTING LICENSES FOR ANIMAL ABUSE- In the wake of the incident of two Pennsylvania hunters torturing an injured deer on video, a state representative proposes changes to prevent such heinous acts of violence against wildlife.  Representative Tony DeLuca (D-Allegheny) plans for legislation that, if passed, will allow the Pennsylvania Game Commission to deny hunting licenses to individuals who have been convicted of severe animal abuse.  If this law is to take effect, the Pennsylvania Game Commission will still have discretion regarding hunting licenses.  Although, it is not clear whether those convicted of severe animal abuse will face a lifetime ban, or just a temporary ban.

Rep. DeLuca stated that the current law on animal abuse does not mention any details surrounding hunting rights.  He thinks it should.  According to a statement by DeLuca reported by ABC 27, “The concept behind my legislation is simple: if you were convicted of torturing an animal, you should not be able to go out there and engage in hunting activities.”

The assumption underlying this law is that individuals convicted of severe animal abuse will go hunting for the purpose of abusing wildlife.  The torturing of any animal is most definitely inhumane and criminal.  However, the connection between animal abuse and the obtainment of hunting licenses is unclear.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is still at work to bring justice to the individuals who tortured the deer on video.  They continue to encourage those who may know additional information to call the Operation Game Thief Hotline at 1-88-PGC-8001.  You can also call the Northwest Region Dispatch Office at 814-432-3187.

Do you think Rep. DeLuca’s proposal would be an effective way to prevent abuse of wildlife? What preventative measures do you recommend?

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