Whether you’re on an all-day sit during the rut or looking for an evening read in camp while you warm up. Reading is quiet and doesn’t use up all your phones battery or data so, here are 5 books all types of outdoorsmen and woman can enjoy.

  1. Meat Eater by Steve Rinella

In this book, Steve Rinella brings to life his past and how he became the hunter he is today. Steve is no stranger to the outdoor world, we learn why he chose to be an outdoorsman and the ethics behind it. His short stories inside will keep you on edge either laughing or taking notes, wondering what will happen next. I will also encourage you to look up Steve’s other books or podcast to learn even more!

  1. The greatest hunting stories ever told by Lamar Underwood

Edited by Lamar Underwood “the greatest hunting stories ever told” is a collection of stories for every hunter. Covering a variety of big and small game short stories, this book has something for everyone to learn. Let these stories be a reminder of why we practice conservation and how sometimes the camaraderie is the real success.  Get lost in “the greatest hunting stories ever told”.

  1. Come November by Gene Wensel

It’s no secret the Wensel brothers are both veterans in the woods. “Come November” is an eye-opening experience with Gene packing 50 years of paying attention to deer all in one book. Recap lost techniques you learned in the past or pick up a new perspective in one of the many information-packed chapters. The book ends out with some Q & A, answering questions we have all asked at some point.

  1. Hunt High by Duncan Gilchrist

Although the title can be misleading, we are not reading about hunting while being high. Instead, this book captures some amazing observations from Duncan as he spent so much time in the high country learning. Take away new camping tactics and high country hunting techniques as you read the writings of a man with experience.

  1. American Serengeti by Dan Flores

Go back in time for a look at the animals that roamed America’s great plains prior to the European contact. Learn how our ancestors nearly hunted these animals to extinction with no restrictions. Its an example and a reminder to modern huntsman of why we practice conservation, hunting laws and, ethics as we move forward

Happy reading! Any other go-to’s you would add to this list?

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