NORTH DAKOTA REFUNDING DEER TAGS – Obtaining a deer tag can be difficult and expensive.  Many hunters across the United States spend a lot of money to obtain a deer tag.  With that tag, they hope to harvest the deer of their dreams.  However, what does a hunter do if there are no deer?

North Dakota Offer Refund

Due to a outbreak of epizootic hemorrhagic disease in some of the white-tail herds, North Dakota has decided to offer a refund for deer tags.

“Based on continuing reports of white-tailed deer mortality in western North Dakota caused by epizootic hemorrhagic disease, the state Game and Fish Department is allowing hunters with whitetail licenses in units 3D1, 3D2, 3E1, 3E2, 3F1, 3F2, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E and 4F the option of turning those licenses in for refunds,” reads an official news release issued on Oct. 19.

Because of the effects of the disease on the herds, the Game and Fish Department felt that this was the right decision.  They felt they owed it to hunters as it could impact hunts.

“While we first received reports of isolated deer deaths in August, loss of deer to this disease appears to have extended into October and covers a large area of western North Dakota,” said Bruce Stillings, Big Game Supervisor.

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease has published articles in the past about epizootic hemorrhagic disease.  It is a naturally occurring disease that is spread by a biting midge.  The biting midge is a small bug that is difficult to see.  The disease can be very damaging.  In fact, in Oregon, the disease killed over 2,000 deer in a short amount of time.

Impact On Hunters

Obtaining a refund is completely up to the hunter.  This is not mandatory.  If a hunter chooses to return their tag for a refund, they will have their preference points reinstated.  However, they won’t gain a point for the year.  Their points will return to what they were entering 2020.

“Its optional,” said North Dakota Game and Fish communications specialist, Greg Freeman. “If people want to send their tag in they certainly can, and we would issue them a refund for whitetail licenses in the western part of the state. It’s totally up to those hunters.”

Do you have a deer tag in North Dakota this year?  Would you turn yours back for a refund?

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