NIGHT HUNTING COYOTES IN KANSAS – Hunting predators at night has become controversial in many states.  In fact, many states have banned predator hunting at night.  Some feel that it is too dangerous.  Others feel that it is the best way to manage predator populations.

Kansas Approval

The state of Kansas has given its approval on hunting coyotes at night.  Beginning in 2021, with the purchase of a special night hunting permit, hunters will be able to hunt coyotes at night.  They’ll also be able to use gear such as night vision and thermal optics to hunt the predators.

“The amount of public input we’ve received on this proposed regulation change was truly impressive,” said Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Secretary Brad Loveless. “It just goes to show that, as a state agency, we make better decisions when we take good data, consult with our subject matter experts, and invite the public to provide their experience and insights. I’m pleased with this process and believe this will expand opportunities for hunters, and will benefit our ranching community, as well.”


There are some regulations applied to this rule.  Which is to be expected when hunting at night with special equipment.  Here are a few of the rules and regulations associated with this new rule.

  • Hunters will be restricted on where they can utilize the special equipment.  It will not be permitted on WIHA and iWIHA properties.
  • Hunters cannot use a vehicle when operating the special equipment.
  • Hunters can only use the gear to hunt coyotes.
  • To obtain a Night Vision Equipment Permit, hunters will have to pay a fee of $2.50.
  • Night vision equipment will only be permitted from Jan. 1 to March 31.

Hunters of all kinds, but specifically predator hunters, are always looking for more opportunities in the field.  By approving this new rule, Kansas has given hunters more opportunity to enjoy their passion and help manage coyote numbers.

Do you think that this is a smart move by the state of Kansas?  Would you like to see this happen in other states?

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