A bill that was passing the New York State Assembly that sought to place a ban on lead-based ammo has since failed.  This ban would have applied to areas such as state-owned land and within the watershed of New York City’s water supply.

However, the New York Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (NYBHA) have strongly been opponents of this action.  They argue that instead of discussing a mandatory ban, New York should instead think about a voluntary lead-reduction measure.  In a statement by Glen Stratton, the head of the NYBHA:

An outright ban is a missed opportunity to engage with hunters in a constructive way. Efforts out West have shown that hunter education and a voluntary switch to non-lead yields lasting results. It also eliminates the potential for negative interactions with the folks enforcing our [environmental conservation] laws. Hunters have a proud tradition of conservation, and we hope that our efforts present an opportunity for them to have a say and a leadership role on this issue. – Glen Stratton NYBHA

The NYBHA believes that hunter education regarding various conservation issues is most important.  By trying to place a mandatory ban on lead-based ammo, New York is essentially sidelining their efforts, in their opinion.  Furthermore, the NYBHA points to similar measures out west, where voluntary lead-reduction measures have been put in place, to bolster their argument.

As of right now, hunters do not have to worry about a lead-based ban.  However, it is no guarantee that activists or the legislature won’t attempt to pass such a law again in the future.  But as of now, and especially with the current ammo shortages, things will remain the same.  It is hopeful that New York will consider a voluntary lead-based reduction measure instead of again attempting an outright ban.

What are your thoughts on this lead-based ammo bill? Does your state have something similar? Let us know in the comments!


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