A generous donation has the Sabinoso Wilderness Area in New Mexico growing. In fact, it has now doubled in size. To be even more specific it has grown by 10,000 acres.

This remote wilderness area has been surrounded by private lands with little public access. The Trust for Public Land was able to donate the Cañon Ciruela property. As a result of this added land, the public can now use the area more easily.

As with any declared wilderness area, it is free of motorized uses. Visitors to the area can enjoy primitive camping, hiking, and hunting. Described as an area of high desert mesa terrain of pinion and juniper and towering cliffs, who wouldn’t want to visit?

Wildlife viewers and hunters can both enjoy the big game animals like bears, elk, deer, and cougars. As well as wild turkey and other small game species.

The current Secretary of the Interior, Debra Haaland, personally visited the area. Haaland herself is a member of the Pueblo Tribes.

“We’re here today because we recognize the importance of preserving this special place. We know that nature is essential to the health, well-being and prosperity of every family and every community.” – Secretary of the Interior, Debra Haaland

Secretary Haaland also recognized the importance of persevering the area’s historic hunting grounds. Native American Tribes have hunted the area for generations. Preserving nature is also preserving its history.

Moreover, this donation allows for better protection of the watershed for the area. It will ensure that water flowing to the area is left undisturbed by human forces.

Currently, twenty-six designated Wilderness Areas are in New Mexico. This is equal to roughly 1,968,184 acres. That’s a lot of public land. You can read more about New Mexico hunting news by clicking here.

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